Minding Our Business

It’s easy to focus on the Liberal/Socialist agenda coming out of DC, hard to ignore all the idiocy they spread, but when I say this is a war against America on all fronts I mean just that, all fronts. Too often we focus on the big things, the most obvious, we miss the snake sliding through the grass until it bites us. This battle against Christians and Conservatives it not just in the policies coming out of Washington and Liberal stronghold states. It creeps in to every facet of our lives and some just don’t realize how deep it goes.

Our businesses have been one such battleground area for quite some time. Liberally run companies are wreaking havoc on our economy. When most people blame big business for prices they first point to oil companies. What they don’t realize is big oil makes its money on volume not profit margin. Almost half of everything they make goes to a government agency or taxes compared to big business like Apple that shell out under 10%. Joe Public then uses the huge profit margin items from Apple to spread the hate about oil. Kind of ironic, Jobs must be chuckling in his grave. Facebook, another liberal company, making huge profits, paying a very little tax rate and yet a favorite tool to decry the evil rich. Liberals can be very hypocritical at times.

Our retailers are another example. Liberal employers base their business on acceptable losses in some areas and raping the public in others to make up for it. Like paying unions huge wages and benefits then raising prices enough to pay it off almost double. Or in some recent cases, when the price per quart of oil went up 35 cents, for example, raising the price on the shelf over a dollar, because they can. Why waste an opportunity? Conservative businesses though operate under a simpler philosophy usually, they use basic math. Cater to the bulk of the customer base in order to garner a larger share of customers. You won’t see a Conservative business embracing the 2% of the LGBT community or the Muslims and shunning the 70% of the population that are Christians. It’s not prejudice, it’s bad math. Invest in options that make the company more money, company increases profits, opens more stores and shazaam, jobs created, economy stronger. Trickle down economics may suck from a Liberal view, but it works. Liberal companies will focus on policies of politics not morals, they’ll cater to their “mindset” no matter what it cost the company. JC Penny ring a bell?

If Liberal business practices are so great then

a) Why do their companies survive on government handouts ie General Motors, the Post Office, and the entire “green energy” field?

b) Why are so many of the loudest praisers of Liberalism/Socialism all filthy rich? Hmmm examples there would be almost all of Hollywood, Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Soros, Jackson, Sharpton, Wright … oh hell that list is just endless.

c) Why are all those living off the Liberal handouts basically poor? People get rich and get ahead via Capitalism and managing their money conservatively, not off food stamps, well not honestly anyway. You don’t see Obama and his family living off what they want others distributed to them do you? You think that would support Moochelle’s dress bill?

Liberals in all their glory are the epitome of hypocrisy. They want the masses living off very little so they can live lavish lifestyles. You gets crumbs, they get the “all you can eat” course. Sadly about 1/3 of Americans fall for their tripe, fighting their battles so Obama can afford to play golf damn near daily. How many children could be fed off any 1 of his 100 million dollar vacations? You think he really gives a rat’s ass about income equality?

Liberal business people are like that as well. When was the last time you heard of a Liberal businessman selling his 40 million dollar house to give his employees raises? How about one going years without giving raises to buy a 40 million dollar home? Google Forbes worst companies to work for list and see how many are Liberal sanctuaries. Here’s a clue, if Rosie O’Donnell has been your spokesperson you might be a Liberal company.

Many of these companies started off great, Penny’s was founded by a Conservative business leader that made it a great company for decades. Others have similar past, yet as Liberals took over they failed to follow the business examples that made them great. Either by design and purpose or by error and ignorance, Liberal businesses have done as much to destroy our country as the government they helped to install.

All that said there is something we can do about it. Okay though, first face reality, if a business offers something a huge number of people want, like I-Phones, or Coke, or Proctor and Gamble boycotts just aren’t going to do a lot of harm. Limited sales items like Girl Scout cookies can take a hit from boycotts but the big boys aren’t going to wince much. You can level the playing field by checking out a business’ history and supporting Conservative and Christian businesses. Chick-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby could use the help as could many others. Invest your money in those that help our country the most. Avoid anti 2nd Amendment businesses and support those that honor our Constitution. Start up your company in a Conservative state like Missouri, not a Socialist stronghold like New York. As Conservative operations succeed hopefully a few of these Liberal companies will want a piece of the pie and change their ways … Hopefully. Let their greed guide them away from the dark side for a change.


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