Russian to Judgement

Knowing my readers I’m sure many of you aren’t going to appreciate this stand but hey, I’m not known for pulling punches. I’m going to tell it how I see it and let the chips fly, I’m just ornery like that.

My latest writing lapse isn’t from break time, oh contraire, quite the opposite. Considering the importance of recent events and the controversy around it I wanted to educate myself as much as possible before publishing this piece. Usually I make my mind up pretty quick, but in matters of pending WWIII ramifications I thought further study would be prudent.

Some might call me a neo con but as I’ve said many times before I don’t have a problem per say with the US being the world’s top cop. When innocent women and children, or for that matter any innocent is being slaughtered in mass I believe there is a moral and Christian obligation to stop it if we can. Nation building afterwards, not so much. The police don’t stick around your house for years after a domestic disturbance, we shouldn’t occupy a country after theirs. Get in, solve the problem, shove an IBM enema where necessary and leave them to put their nation’s ducks back in a row. If another call is needed so be it, but their country, theirs to manage or mismanage accordingly as long as they don’t commit genocide in the process.

When Kuwait was invaded I had no qualms about helping them out. When Bosnia turned into a rape and murder fest I said let’s save some lives. When the Taliban wouldn’t cough up Al Qaeda I supported Toby’s boot in their ass. When Hussein started gassing the Kurds and stockpiling the nasty stuff I went along with the bullet in his head. As much as I despise wars, sometimes someone has to stand tall and be the example. I got that. There is a bit of David in me when I see Goliath.

Then came the Liberal BS. First we were told about the millions of freedom loving people attacking and rioting against the evil greedy corrupt politicians of Greece. Shortly after we found out they were predominantly Socialist and entitlement hounds ticked because their meal ticket was cut. Next we saw an Arab Spring, in which the MSM and Obama administration tried to sell us on the masses overthrowing the Egyptian government. Bad guys on both sides but the first set of masses turned out to be mostly Muslim Brotherhood terrorist that we decided to arm and empower. It took another uprising of the “real people” to get rid of them and they still haven’t weeded them all out. Of course Libya had to get started and we were too stupid to take out Gaddafi when we could, much better to arm more terrorist and let that drag out into a ridiculous mess. Benghazi turned into another example of the Obama administration idiocy, lies, and lack of credibility. They lied, good men died, and the truth still remains covered up. Syria, one more grand example of ineptness, with even Republican RINOs posing with the terrorist. Yes John McCain I mean you idiot.

My point to all of this? Ya’ll ever hear the boy that cried wolf? Ok, in this case Obama is more like Tinkerbell and Putin as Captain Hook, but the story is the same as Aesop’s fable. Mr. Limp Wrist has botched every foreign policy decision Hillary, Valerie, and George has made for him. He’s cried wolf so many times even the boy in the proverbial story is confused. The mainstream media is trying it’s best to give him credit and McCain and other leading RINOs have jumped on board but seriously, we all know the truth. I’d rather lose the whole flock of sheep than take on Putin with Obama at the helm. Putin plays chess while Obama dwells on Go Fish.

Is Putin the evil aggressor here, maybe. Is the Revolution in Kiev motivated by Socialist and Neo Nazis, well yes that’s been established by several neutral international groups. Are good people on both sides being drawn in, absolutely. Can we afford to finance Ukraine, of course not. Should the people of Crimea be allowed to choose who they bow to, well it hasn’t been that long since we let Texas decide. If Ukraine is telling the truth and Russia is pulling the citizens of Crimea’s strings then why did they issue the threat of cutting off all electricity, gas, and supplies from Crimea if they vote to go with Russia? Seems to me after they revolted against oppression it’s a little hypocritical of Ukraine to oppress.

After reading well over 100 pieces from all sides in the issue, reviewing another 100 or so testimonials from people in the region, and listening to political statements from parties on both sides of the US Congressional aisle I have to say this. The only thing I’m convinced of is that there is wrong on both sides here, Obama won’t even be a snack for Putin, and for once we just need to mind our own damn business. Let’s just worry about dealing with the aftermath when and if we find out the real truth. Right now the only truth I can see in this whole mess is that Obama is a fool, McCain a bigger one, and I’m not ready to ask our boys to die for our Idiot in Chief in a no win scenario, nor am I willing to risk WWIII over fulfilling Soros’ wet dream.


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