To Arms, To Arms, the American Government is Coming

Been watching the major network news? Then you probably haven’t seen the saga playing out in Nevada, well unless you watch FOX, they finally picked up on it. You might have seen a few reports about how this horrible criminal in Nevada is illegally raising cattle on government land. You might have seen how for over 20 years this evil man has refused to pay the government their dues and now they have finally been forced to act as a last resort in the harshest of manner. And, and, there’s this poor desert turtle going to die if they don’t do something. Horrible evil man, how dare he raise cattle and feed people. I guess with this administration he should have switched his business to arming drug cartels, importing illegals, backing voter fraud, he’d be fine then. Probably get invited to a White House dinner, or even get to go jet setting on a multimillion dollar tax payer funded vacation with the Obama family.  They say he owes $1.1 million in back dues to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and it will cost them another $3 million to round up his cattle and sell them. I didn’t see the price tag for how much they want to charge for destroying all the improvements made to the land his family has made since 1877 … damn new comer, building roads, developing water sources, irrigation etc etc, who would think of doing such a thing to a former barren wasteland, there goes the neighborhood. By now you might just sense the sarcasm in my tone. Sorry, maybe I should work on that. Nahhh this administration makes it so easy, just speaking the truth about them sounds like sarcasm to people with common sense. Seriously, Obama is willing to start another civil war over the price of less than half of one day of one of his vacations? When I first learned of the Bundy’s plight I admit I fell prey to the government and media’s usual ploy. I thought well the guy didn’t obey the law and now he’s paying for it. Let’s not start the Revolution in the name of a criminal. Kinda ashamed of myself for that. Then one night I was following some updates on the story and it hit me like a ton of bricks what an idiot I was. I know this government lies as easy as it breathes. I know the media is corrupt and just spits out what its told to. What the hell was I thinking. Thank God my stupidity is usually short lived. So here it is in a nutshell, my take on the Bundy Ranch “Range War”. It doesn’t really matter what the BLM says. If Bundy is a criminal they should have peacefully arrested him years ago. Why didn’t they? If the turtle is in such dire need of saving why is the government killing them by the thousands? Are their efforts to round up the cattle not far more destructive to the turtle than the cattle have been over the last 100 plus years? Why does the BLM set up First Amendment Zones? We the people are smart enough to realize if we only have it in zones when and where they say, we don’t really have it now do we? Doesn’t the fact that the Bundy family has been ranching there for 137 years (give or take) count? What about state sovereignty? Does raising cattle on public land really warrant hundreds of heavily armed storm troopers terrorizing this family? Snipers on the hillsides? Attacking pregnant women? Beatings and detainment for filming? Establishing a no fly zone to keep what they are doing secret? Can’t protect the border but can send hundreds of men, equipment, and millions of dollars to herd cows? Folks do some googling here, and while you are at it check out the BLM on the Texas/Oklahoma border. Search for the BLM destruction of farmland in California by creating drought conditions to save a guppy. Do the research. Bundy may be breaking the law, on the other hand the law may be unjust and should be broken, that’s not really even the point anymore. The point now is how the Democrat Socialists that are running things now are handling it. The point is we will not bow to thugs and bullies even if they are wearing Fed uniforms. They cannot be allowed to continue in their strong arm, militaristic, dictatorial rule. If we aren’t going to stop them now, then when? I pray those in charge of this abhorable operation be enlightened and stop this nonsense immediately. I pray there be no more bloodshed and that no one dies over this stupidity. But should those things not occur, I pray the American Patriots stand strong and say no more. I wish I lived closer and was able to join in the efforts firsthand. I thank God those patriots and militia than can are on their way to help the Bundy family. While I can hope there is no violence I can also give my thanks, my prayers, and my support to those that may soon have to defend private citizens from a dictator and his minions. Should the fight begin and spread closer to Missouri though you can bet your ass I’ll be lending a hand. Two hundred plus years ago it was the British coming, well tyrants these days in the US are a lot closer to home. Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition. TGPollard

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