Memorial Day 2014

I’ve been writing Memorial Day tributes for, well, for as long as I’ve been writing. No matter how effective the message, when done it just doesn’t quite cut it. There are no words that pay the proper respect to those who sacrificed so much for so many. The pain, the suffering, the very essence of what these brave patriots went through just can’t be conveyed.

The very first heroes of our country date to the birth of our nation. Mere colonies with the audacity to assume they had the right to be free, the right to live their lives with the blessing of God given rights. Since then they have fought and died to defend that right for millions, not just within our shores but worldwide, not just for Americans but for all people everywhere. The American soldier, the original band of super heroes.

Picnics and time off work trademark Memorial Day celebrations for most these days. Many of our youth don’t even understand the meaning of the day. So sad. The lessons taught by our schools often leave out the history that really matters. Our veterans rarely get the hero status they deserve. Many times in the here and now they are disregarded, mistreated, abused by the very government that expects them to be ready to die to preserve. The scum responsible should receive the harshest punishment known to man for this atrocity, with his minions like ducks in a row waiting their turn. Our country owes our veterans everything, our Fool in Chief nothing. Proper perspective escapes the Liberals. Their very existence owed to those they treat with the greatest disregard and disrespect.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of the heroism portrayed by our troops is their expectations for service. They volunteer knowing they may die, knowing the hardship on their families, not for riches and fame. They know our joke of a government might give them the heroes burial of a landfill, yes it happened. They know if they survive they will get the worst care imaginable. They know their homes and families won’t be protected from profit mongers. They know the “no man left behind” rule is something their Commander in Chief cares nothing for. They know when they are sacrificed this administration says “what does it matter?”. They know they will be spied on, denied rights on their return. They know they fight for something most of our country no longer understands, that freedom out ways safety and security. They know, and still they volunteer. They have the character forgotten by those who live only with their hand out. Our soldiers resilience and bravery honors us all. The best of the best they are called and rightfully so.

As I said no words can express the gratitude we, the true Americans, have for our fallen. This Memorial Day we honor the memories of those fallen and pray it not be in vain. Those serving and that have served and survived we honor as well. Hopefully something we will take time to do every day. To those who don’t honor you like Obama and his minions, there can be no punishment severe enough. They should be tried for treason, sedition, and face the maximum punishment, and God willing when their souls get to the gates, those heroes left behind will be there waiting … to chain those gates shut.

Again as in years past I’ve failed to properly express our debt and gratitude owed to our fallen heroes. Maybe though in my continued efforts they realize how significant that debt is. Those of us that believe in what America truly stands for remember, and will never forget what Memorial Day means. Thank God for the American soldier and their families, and pray we never make their sacrifice a wasted effort.


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