Murdering America

In the interest of promoting civility I’ll keep this as respectful as I can make it considering the subject. Obama, yes, just Obama, not President Obama, I will refuse to pay him that respect, he doesn’t deserve that honor, he is a traitorous pig. He is an inept fool at the very least and more accurately a seditious scum guilty of high crimes and treason to our country.

Ok, I feel better, always do after blurting out the truth. In all seriousness how can anyone with intelligence claim anything but the same. Let’s leave out the other dozen or so scandals that this ass clown and his minions have partaken in and just focus on three for the moment.

1. Fast and Furious – Armed drug cartels with over a thousand weapons leading to the deaths of innocents both here and in Mexico.

2. Benghazi – A mission to supply weapons to terrorist goes bad and 4 Americans are murdered viciously, directly because of Obama whom is more interested in nappy time and the next day’s fundraiser than he is saving the lives of our men. No way of knowing how many other lives lost because of this dereliction of duty.

3. Bergdahl – The illegal release of 5 terrorist leaders in exchange for another traitor. A deserter that collaborated with the enemy. Many American lives will undoubtedly be lost due to this act of treason.

I’m not letting the sub-scums like Holder off the hook either. Obama’s army of fools deserve no mercy either. The families of those lost should get to administer the punishment to them in the same heinous fashion Obama allowed our ambassador to be subjected to. An eye for an eye.

Providing aid to the cartels, enabling the enemy to acquire weapons to be used against our troops and innocents, direct actions that result in numerous deaths, deserving no less punishment than the crime demands. At minimum Obama, Holder, Reid and several others should be exiled to live with their terrorist buddies in a cave somewhere. Now add to that the release of 5 terrorist leaders, self declared enemies who have murdered Americans, men that have vowed their lives to kill many more, and you have the recipe for the most evil regime that has ever ruled our country.

Ok, let’s hear the collective whine. “I can’t do anything about it. What can one person do? My precious day might be inconvenienced.” Deep breath … focus … come on you can do it, think back to when you had a spine. Focus, focus, Obama, Liberals, Socialist, the idiotic ideology that has led to the death of millions, the next cause of death for many more of our own if everyone doesn’t wake up, the movement that now undermines the structure of our nation, the very fabric that holds us together. There’s your answer folks, together. One simple word. Together. You are not alone, there are tens of millions more out there just like you, scared to act alone. You want to bring American back? You want violence kept to a minimum? Don’t want things to explode into another revolution where friends and family die? Then you have to act, you have to let others see you act, everyone has to realize they aren’t alone, that we are together.

Really people it isn’t that hard, it’s election year. It’s time to un-elect. You put up 50 yard signs to elect cousin Billy Bob to a county office, try putting up 50 to voice your opinion. Keep it easy, “ARREST OBAMA AND HIS CRONIES” on signs everywhere. Bridges, street signs, intersections, fields by the highways, paint it on your dang roof top … spread the word, let people know they aren’t alone and let the Liberals know we are done. Done putting up with their crap, done letting them twist our children’s minds, done letting them destroy everything this country was founded for. Done with their lies, done with their hate, done with standing by while their actions cause innocent people to die. Boycotts, blah, who really notices. Petitions, right, they roll them up and burn them. But signs, in your face signs everywhere … now that gets attention.

Politicians live for greed and power. They will follow our demands in order to keep their money, their power. We are in control, we just have to realize it. We have led grassroots campaigns nationwide to elect those politicians, we can lead one to ditch some. Take a stand, make your intentions clear. Make sure they understand they are either for America or against us. There is of course another option, you can surrender. You can be distracted by one story after another the media spins, you can decide Bobby’s soccer schedule is more important than saving lives, and you can bow down like a gutless worm and take it where the Liberals love to shove it.

The time to do this peaceably is almost gone, we can’t push this off on our children and our grandchildren. We let this happen. This is our mess, we have to clean it up before it is too late. Independence Day is rapidly approaching, what better time to reclaim ours. If the purposeful and intentional release of 5 major terrorist hasn’t convinced you of Obama’s intentions you may be in need of serious psychological help. Otherwise it’s time you got as ticked as I am. I’ve said all along they are either fools or they are doing these things on purpose, and they aren’t fools. Are you going to be any longer?


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