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Murdering America

In the interest of promoting civility I’ll keep this as respectful as I can make it considering the subject. Obama, yes, just Obama, not President Obama, I will refuse to pay him that respect, he doesn’t deserve that honor, he is a traitorous pig. He is an inept fool at the very least and more accurately a seditious scum guilty of high crimes and treason to our country. Continue reading Murdering America

Memorial Day 2014

I’ve been writing Memorial Day tributes for, well, for as long as I’ve been writing. No matter how effective the message, when done it just doesn’t quite cut it. There are no words that pay the proper respect to those who sacrificed so much for so many. The pain, the suffering, the very essence of what these brave patriots went through just can’t be conveyed. Continue reading Memorial Day 2014

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve sat down to write. It used to be something I made time to do at least once or twice a week. Starting in newspapers and a few speeches, then moving on to the internet where an editor couldn’t chop up my intentions, I felt compelled to get the word out, to express what so many are afraid to say, and what so many have yet to learn. Continue reading Stupid Is as Stupid Does