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Murdering America

In the interest of promoting civility I’ll keep this as respectful as I can make it considering the subject. Obama, yes, just Obama, not President Obama, I will refuse to pay him that respect, he doesn’t deserve that honor, he is a traitorous pig. He is an inept fool at the very least and more accurately a seditious scum guilty of high crimes and treason to our country. Continue reading Murdering America

Minding Our Business

It’s easy to focus on the Liberal/Socialist agenda coming out of DC, hard to ignore all the idiocy they spread, but when I say this is a war against America on all fronts I mean just that, all fronts. Too often we focus on the big things, the most obvious, we miss the snake sliding through the grass until it bites us. This battle against Christians and Conservatives it not just in the policies coming out of Washington and Liberal stronghold states. It creeps in to every facet of our lives and some just don’t realize how deep it goes. Continue reading Minding Our Business

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve sat down to write. It used to be something I made time to do at least once or twice a week. Starting in newspapers and a few speeches, then moving on to the internet where an editor couldn’t chop up my intentions, I felt compelled to get the word out, to express what so many are afraid to say, and what so many have yet to learn. Continue reading Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Facing Our Darkest Hour

Back in the days of our nation’s Founders the English army had a habit of knocking on doors in mass and demanding to search a citizen’s home. Kind of ticked the colonist off to the point of making warrantless searches a major no-no in our Constitution. Something about sitting in your home doing nothing wrong and at a whim under the guise of “national security” being forced out in the yard with a gun in your face just didn’t set right with folks. Imagine that. Continue reading Facing Our Darkest Hour

The Walking Dead

     America was founded for a multitude of reasons. People were tired of being told how to practice their religion, and what to believe. They were tired of a king dictating the daily matters of their lives, taking the fruits of their labors, leaving them in poverty while he and his select few lived in luxury. To make matters worse the king expected us to watch our families starve, legally unable to even hunt to feed them without his permission. Continue reading The Walking Dead

Manning the Wall

We’ve had protest gatherings by Tea Parties nationwide. We’ve had hundreds of thousands gather angrily at town hall meetings. Beck gathered over 100,000 at the Lincoln Memorial from all over the country. Several states are passing anti illegal immigration statutes by overwhelming majorities. Millions of Americans are disgusted, angry, and need a peaceful way to vent. Continue reading Manning the Wall