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To Arms, To Arms, the American Government is Coming

     Been watching the major network news? Then you probably haven't seen the saga playing out in Nevada, well unless you watch FOX, they finally picked up on it. You might have seen a few reports about how this horrible criminal in Nevada is illegally raising cattle on government land. You might have seen how for over 20 years this evil man has refused to pay the government their dues and now they have finally been forced to act as a last resort in the harshest of manner. And, and, there's this poor desert turtle going to die if they don't do something  Horrible evil man, how dare he raise cattle and feed people. I guess with this administration he should have switched ...

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Russian to Judgement

     Knowing my readers I'm sure many of you aren't going to appreciate this stand but hey, I'm not known for pulling punches. I'm going to tell it how I see it and let the chips fly, I'm just ornery like that.

     My latest writing lapse isn't from break time, oh contraire, quite the opposite. Considering the importance of recent events and the controversy around it I wanted to educate myself as much as possible before publishing this piece. Usually I make my mind up pretty quick, but in matters of pending WWIII ramifications I thought further study would be prudent.

     Some might call me a neo con but as I've said many times before ...

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Minding Our Business

     It's easy to focus on the Liberal/Socialist agenda coming out of DC, hard to ignore all the idiocy they spread, but when I say this is a war against America on all fronts I mean just that, all fronts. Too often we focus on the big things, the most obvious, we miss the snake sliding through the grass until it bites us. This battle against Christians and Conservatives it not just in the policies coming out of Washington and Liberal stronghold states. It creeps in to every facet of our lives and some just don't realize how deep it goes.

     Our businesses have been one such battleground area for quite some time. Liberally run companies are wreaking ...

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Stupid Is as Stupid Does

     It's been a couple of months since I've sat down to write. It used to be something I made time to do at least once or twice a week. Starting in newspapers and a few speeches, then moving on to the internet where an editor couldn't chop up my intentions, I felt compelled to get the word out, to express what so many are afraid to say, and what so many have yet to learn.

     Maybe a part of growing older, but I've begun to realize I can't change things. Okay, perhaps I've known it all along and finally decided to admit the truth. My 2nd least favorite word describes almost half the population of this land and no amount ...

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2013 Top 10 Post for Pollardsmind.com

     So here it is, 2013's top 10 post for pollardsmind.com, based on your input and responses. There were a couple of ties I used my vote to break. Thanks to everyone for your input. I'm looking forward to us making a difference in 2014. Remember patriots, stand tall, stand proud, and fight for what our country is supposed to be, not what the Liberals, Socialist, and RINOs have done to it.

10. Cheap Christians

9. Facing Our Darkest Hour

8. Have an Unhappy New Year

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Why Hunt Ducks?

     This may surprise a few of you but I support A&E's right to fire Phil Robertson. Not the decision to do so, but the right.Free country, their network, their decision. They have a right to pick and choose the beliefs they want to support, kinda like a bakery can decide not to cater a gay wedding ... oops ... well maybe not. Face it Christians, we are now the new minority in the USA, even though we are the majority. This is going to give me a headache I can tell already.

     So Mr. Phil gets asked about sin in an interview and he has the guts to answer honestly and though paraphrased, according to ...

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Another Terrorist Gone, See ya Mandela

     Well another great man in history has passed. Nelson Mandela is gone. May his accomplishments hold a place in time never to be forgotten. Ok, that's BS and I can't even type it without shaking my head, I wonder how our media can run that crap and call it news.

     You know I understand how some people hate to disparage the dead. Seems like no matter what a person has done the spin to make him a good man starts almost as soon as the heart stops. Sadly the media seems more concerned about his color than his accomplishments, I mean seriously, what if a white man had done these things. Mandela was a Marxist/Communist. He hated capitalism, calling ...

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To Our Veterans, Thank You, and I'm Sorry

     It has been a month since my last post, many of you have wondered why. It hasn't been the hustle and bustle of daily life. It has been disgust and a need to find the right words to share those sentiments. Tomorrow provides an opportunity to air those thoughts.

     As another Veteran's Day approaches we are all reminded of just how much we owe to their sacrifice. No one can imagine just how much each had their lives affected by their service. Their unselfish actions over the years saved our Republic time and time again. Thank You all for your service.

     This Veteran's day we need to begin a desperately ...

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Park It

     Americans are finally waking up to the tyrant calling himself our President and his minions like Harry Reid. Recent polling has his popularity dipping down to 37% and Harry's is lower than the flu. Everyone talks about the stupid things that come out of Biden's mouth but Harry's statement asking why would he want to save children with cancer and Sebelius bragging about bringing Western civilization to its knees make Biden look like a brain surgeon. Those comments and the President's handling of the shutdown are putting the spotlight on how evil these people really are. In America you don't pick on vets, children, or our guns without ticking off the vast majority of folks. Sadly, inciting riots for an excuse to ...

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Democrats Give the Weak the Death Penalty

     OK quiet time is over. I've let the ridiculous games of the Democrats and this shutdown go without comment long enough. I figured if I kept quiet long enough the Liberal/Socialist Democrats would hang themselves again and sure enough they've done it multiple times the last couple of days. First there was the unnecessary closing of open air memorials that cost next to nothing to leave open, picking on elderly vets, many in wheelchairs. Then came the closing of parks and services that aren't even ran by the government like Mount Rushmore. On and on they spread their stupidity, going out of their way to make it harder on people just for something to blame on the Republicans. But now the ...

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My Inner Kinison

     There are several different levels of reprimand. Those of us that have children and grandchildren are well aware of the cookie jar voice and warning not to spoil dinner. There is also the sarcastic, almost humorous ridicule, my personal favorite. Then there is the intelligent explanation where you sit down and explain the facts of the matter. The stern discussion is used a lot, like when your boss calls you into the office to discuss a mistake. There is one other method that should always be the last resort, rest his soul, there is the Sam Kinison approach.

     America believe it or not is still after all these years faced with a diminishment of our Second ...

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The Tragedy of 9-11

     Twelve years ago hearts stopped across America. Official losses near 3000 but in reality our whole nation died a little that day. The loss of life sad to the extreme for those families of the fallen, and not to lessen that impact but there was another loss, a loss we didn't realize for years. Our most precious commodity began to enter extinction at an accelerated rate. Freedom lost, the American dream lost, that once great desire more powerful than anything was defeated and replaced by fear.

     Remember how we all watched in horror as innocent people died before our eyes, in ways more horrific than most could imagine? Remember the heroes that gave their lives rescuing ...

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But Syriasly Folks

     I had this car once, my favorite of all time. It was a 69 Firebird convertible, 400 cu in, 400 HP, 4 speed on the floor. I probably paid for several police cars with the tickets, but it was my beast and she holds a special place in my heart. Then the tide began to turn, she was getting old, outdated, in constant need of parts and repairs, and of course between the tickets and the gas, too expensive to operate. the day came and I had to give in and let her go. She was no longer worth the price.

     Our current Fool in Chief's foreign policy reminds me a lot of my old Firebird. He ...

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The American Soldier

     As I sit and contemplate tonight's blog I'm humbled. This one is by request, something I don't normally do, and not only am I honored by the task but it's timely, kind of hits close to my heart right now.

     I have a friend North of Springfield Missouri that just went through surgery. Not for natural causes or illness. Not for an accident on the road. His surgery like so many others is the price he paid not for doing something wrong or careless, but for doing something many in our country these days fail to understand. His surgery, his pain, his long road to recovery is the struggle he earned for being a patriot. Some would say that isn't fair, that ...

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We All Bleed Red

     Anyone else besides me sick of all this made up racist crap? Those of us no longer wet behind the ears remember what real racism looks like, this isn't it. Today's racial tension isn't from upbringing, it's manufactured with intent. Idiots like Jackson and Sharpton, and yes Obama, make their livings from hate. They advance their agendas by spreading mistrust and racial tension. So what is to be accomplished by the continued dispersal of their false concern?

     If the race baiters were genuinely concerned with race relations their objectives would be solving the inherent problems that plague minority communities. Instead they fill their speeches with hateful rhetoric with no practical solutions. No mention of crime rates, ...

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The Trayvon Tragedy

     Let's see if I can appreciate properly the gravity of this whole Trayvon  Martin killing. A 29 year old neighborhood watch volunteer is being tried for killing a 17 year old troubled youth that was trying to use a sidewalk to cave in his skull. The Liberal take is a 29 yr old white wannabee cop kills a black child for wearing a hoody at night. No, no race baiting there. Let's look at a few things. First, the media puts the racist spin on the killing, later apologizing for altering the evidence. Of course by then the damage had been done, few caught the apology, fewer still understood the significance. Zimmerman is described as a white man by the Liberal ...

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The 4th of July, a Celebration of Family and Friends, Not Freedom

     I haven't written in a while. No, I haven't been on vacation, too many of life's challenges for that. The reason is deeper, darker, and not a very happy one. To be quite honest most of the readers here are like minded so it's a little like preaching to the choir. I guess you could say I haven't written out of disgust. Not at the patriots who love their country but at the vast majority of the masses that walk around almost insanely stupefied over what has happened to our nation.

     Anyone who knows me at all, for that matter anyone who has ever read more than one of my post would almost have to be ...

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Private Lessons

     So Obama says if we can't trust him and his administration we're going to have problems. Well guess what dirt bag, we have problems. Personally I've had trust issues with this administration since Obama was campaigning. If his speeches of lies weren't enough we should have woke up when he put a NAMBLA supporter in charge of school safety. Numerous Communist and Socialist appointments might ought to have been a good clue too, but hey he promised change didn't he. I've listed hundreds of reasons this guy was the worst thing for our country for years now. Thousands of other Conservatives have been decrying his everyday practices as well but while so many believe, so many know, so few are willing ...

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Conspiracy or Fact

     For years different Conservative groups have claimed unfair treatment by the IRS. They were laughed at, accused of "sour grapes", called conspiracy theorist. Yet now their claims have credence as an intentional targeting scandal has been revealed. Now the breaking of another such scandal as it's revealed the FDA played favorites with the Liberals, surprise, surprise.

     The gun enthusiast have been called every name in the book as they claim the Obama administration has been stooping to a new low on many occasions to steal our guns away. Fast and Furious fiasco has been all about shedding a bad light on guns and used by this administration to promote their anti gun agenda. What's a few innocent deaths ...

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A Memorial Day Tear

     Memorial Day weekend, three days of laughter, food, friends, family, the Summer kickoff. That's all it seems that most people think of this weekend, but not me.

     When you look at our flag flapping in the wind what do you see? What do you feel? Do you see a piece of cloth flapping in the wind, or a symbol of what our country is supposed to be? Do you feel a need to party for being at a gathering on a holiday weekend or do you feel what it means to be an American?

     When I look at that flag, when I think of this weekend I can't help but have tears come to ...

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What the Hell America

     I've watched over the years as different Presidents have had their lies and scandals dealt with. Good or bad in the way they are handled there is at least that commonality, they are dealt with one way or another. Let's start with Nixon, forced to resign, impeached. Ford and Carter lost their re-election bids due to incompetence. Reagan's scandals? Dealt with, people demoted, fired, just look at the treatment given to Ollie North back then. Bush Sr.? Lost his re-election bid for a one line lie "Read my lips, no new taxes". Even Clinton was impeached and his positions forced to alter on numerous issues. Only his about face to embrace a Conservative Congress saved him. Bush Jr. was marginalized to a ...

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Neocon, Paulbot, Patriot, or All Just Fools

     I'm one of those people it seems that is caught in no man's land. I am a Republican, have been most of my adult life. I found out early on in most states I would have no voice in the primaries as an independent or third party supporter so I got off the fence and picked a side. Regardless of the dreamers perception of reality it is that for now, a two party system. Since the majority of racist and Liberals are Democrats it makes more since for me to fight on the Republican side, even though I often disagree with the leaders positions. Truth be told I seldom find myself at odds with the majority of the party ...

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The Wall

     Fast and Furious gave the Mexican drug cartels well over a thousand guns which have been used to kill God knows how many innocent people. The true facts have been covered up for over four years from Congressional investigators and the public. The Benghazi massacre, seven and a half  months ago, again the truth hidden in another cover up. The Newtown massacre just over four  months ago, the story changed so many times we'll probably never know what really happened. The Boston Marathon bombing still fluid, "facts" changing daily.

     Whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not you would have to be blind not to see the pattern. No, this isn't all new either, Kennedy assassination ring a ...

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Facing Our Darkest Hour

     Back in the days of our nation's Founders the English army had a habit of knocking on doors in mass and demanding to search a citizen's home. Kind of ticked the colonist off to the point of making warrantless searches a major no-no in our Constitution. Something about sitting in your home doing nothing wrong and at a whim under the guise of "national security" being forced out in the yard with a gun in your face just didn't set right with folks. Imagine that.

     But wait you say, that was over 200 years ago, times have changed, this is the USA. OK, I'll play that game with you, ...

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The Idea of More Security is Blown

     Before I go into tonight's rant let me give my deepest condolences to those injured and their families who suffered in the cowardly attack in Boston. May God touch each and every one of you with His blessings.

     Sadly no amount of laws or police state tactics can stop such tragedies. Like it or not they are a part of life, always have been, always will be. You just can't legislate evil off the face of the earth. Strange thing though, while many cite reasons and evidence that this could be another "false flag" operation, I have to say I doubt that, or if it was it was the most poorly planned ...

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Liberal Blessings

     Believe it or not there are a couple of pluses to the liberal agenda and the new anti gun laws, as well as many other of the laws enacted over the last few years. The American Dream evolved from the founding principles of our country. Freedom back then wasn't just a word, it was its own entity, an emotion, a dynamic so strong it led to people traveling thousands of miles across oceans, traveling for months across wilderness, just to experience it. Risking everything, even their lives just for a chance to experience it. Better than any high and even more appealing to some than life itself. Nobody had to tell them what oppression was like. No ...

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Drums of War

     As North Korea continues its saber rattling I'm forced to ponder a few questions. Sadly the old days of just deciding the right or wrong of being involved in a conflict are long gone. Now we have so many other issues to consider besides moral dilemma.

     Is this just more of the same garbage we've seen for over 50 years? One small little man trying to make the world notice him so he feels impressive?

     Is this another of the terrorist states plots to distract us from what his buddies are doing? Is North Korea simply trying to distract us from an Iranian play?

     Is it really happening at ...

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How Conservatives Killed the USA pt 2

     Cracks me up the number of emails I got from my last post written by pompous egomaniacs convinced it was directed solely at them. When I wrote How Conservatives Killed the USA I was making a point I thought was pretty clear however it seems some people are more interested in promoting their own recognition than they are being true patriots. Folks this isn't about you or me, this is about us, our nation and what we are going to lose if we don't put our own self interest on the back burner. Truth is though the more they try to grab the limelight the more they place themselves in the shadows, just ask John McCain.

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How Conservatives Killed the USA

     How long is it going to take Conservatives to realize and admit the Liberals are smarter than we are? Ok, maybe not in everyday common sense matters like gun control and debt, but they continually kick our butts in overall strategy and winning the political game. While we fight and bicker amongst ourselves they have spent the last century plus eating away at our way of life little by little, patiently destroying us piece by piece until we now have the mess we call America today.

     Liberals figured out long ago that unification is the key to control and they have it down to an art. Gays and Muslims for example by ...

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Feeling Conservative

     Should our nation perish and be taken over by Socialist, Communist, Liberals or even Muslims, many of us Conservatives will have to eventually stand before our leaders' judgment to explain our reactions and why, this will be my response:

     I shed a tear when I hear of our children crying from hunger and our leaders respond by giving aid to our enemies.

     I feel despair when I see our elderly being given improper care and our leaders embellish the illegals.

     I feel shame when I think of the millions denied birth because it is ...

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Yesterday's Alamo

     Two aspects of America that have never been rivaled is our resolve and determination. It is not that we are tougher than the rest of the world, or better fighters with more talent, it is that we won't stop, we won't give up, we insist as a nation that right is done and wrong will not be tolerated, well we use to anyway.  Here lately that's been a little foggy.

     It is fitting though that yesterday on the 177th anniversary of the Alamo several of our Senators led by Rand Paul decided to grow a set. Will they have the same resolve and determination of our heroes so many years ago?


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When Humanity Dies

     There are times I get mad at the news, times I rant, times I sit back shaking my head in disgust. Sometimes though a story hits me so hard it becomes hard to describe the reaction. Anger? No, far too mild a word,  enraged is probably closer, determined and resolved would be next in line. I want you to listen to something, listen close:


     Did you feel it? Did it really sink in? Think of the person you love and care about most in the world, the person you live for, the person you would die for. Think of that  person, imagine they are in someone else's care for a moment, ...

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Sequester 101

     Math, apparently our Harvard professor king doesn't understand it very well. The newest crisis to distract us from Benghazi, gun control,  the millions spent on Obama's bi-monthly vacations, and the countless other ridiculous actions of our current administration, is the horrible Sequester. People are going to starve, benefits cut, elderly will die, on and on the list grows daily. The world will end if we have to make these forced cuts according to the Liberals.

     85 Billion, that's what we're talking about here. 85 Billion, that's less than 1 tenth of what the government found to spend on just one of the bank and Wall Street bailouts. Yes the government can find ...

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The Walking Dead

     America was founded for a multitude of reasons. People were tired of being told how to practice their religion, and what to believe. They were tired of a king dictating the daily matters of their lives, taking the fruits of their labors, leaving them in poverty while he and his select few lived in luxury. To make matters worse the king expected us to watch our families starve, legally unable to even hunt to feed them without his permission.

     The American Revolution in many ways was not over the complication of banking scandals, the government corruptions, or global matters. Those things existed, we vowed to correct them as proven by our ...

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God Bless Saturday Night Live

     I've written more than a few times about the war on Christians and more than a few on how the Christians have failed to react. This newest assault has gone way over the line and as usual the White House is strangely (yes that's sarcasm) silent.

     Last September our embassy in Benghazi was attacked, our Ambassador and others murdered, all while our government did nothing. In fact it has been recently revealed that Obama, after learning of the imminent assault went and took a nap before flying off to a campaign rally in Vegas. I guess ordering their rescue would have taken too much out of him. Takes so much time and trouble to pick ...

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We Don't Need No Stinking Trials, We Got Drones

     Last week NBC published a story that most people missed and fewer still noticed the importance of. Our King Obama now has the power to order the assassination of American citizens based on the opinions of himself or someone he appoints that they may be a threat to America, specifically if they are members of a foreign terrorist group on foreign soil. Well, they say specifically, more than a few government officials haven't been so sure about the specifics.

     The obvious next step is going to come easy for them, once a criminal becomes too much  threat here in the states they will label him a "domestic terrorist" and out will ...

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Cheap Christians

     With all the horrible things happening in our country the topic of conversation on several of my friends Facebook pages this week and even a few news cast I’ve seen and read has been how cheap, stingy, and demeaning to restaurant workers Christians are … really? I’ve “unfriended” four today, seven this week, and yes you can be sure I put my 2 cents in first.

     If I was going to pick out one insult for Christians today it would have to be for not standing up more for themselves, but then again “turning the other cheek” isn’t something I’d be comfortable insulting anyone for. Who am I to second guess Jesus? ...

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me ... Sarcasm

     “Give me Liberty or give me death”, one of the most powerful quotes in our country’s history and rightfully so. Sadly so few in our nation realize its meaning. Every day I read dozens of stories, see dozens of cool pictures, all depicting the quest for freedom. Each time though I have to ask myself, do they really mean it?

     Should our country engage in another revolution we have to face the truth, over the years we the American people have caused the death of our nation, our children, our grandchildren. We have compromised our freedom away. We have tolerated the traitors to our nation using our very freedoms they detest against us. We have permitted ...

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It's Not About Guns

     Amazing after the last 6 years of Democrat and Rhino rule we’ve finally found what gets Americans off their complacent butts. Not unconscionable spending, not corrupt politicians, not obviously fixed, phony elections, not millions of abortions, not catering to enemies of our country, not embracing Sharia law, not moral decadence, not lawlessness in our cities, not unconstitutional laws like TSA groping, not even the bashing of our nations religion could get much more than a fizzle out of our nations people.

     I’ll grant you we are a diverse nation, full of many religions, cultures, and a wide variety of beliefs. It’s hard to get people to agree on anything in an overwhelming ...

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Another Presidential Blunder

     Alas, I thought maybe after a few days we could get by the baseless gun debate. Thanks Joe and Barack, or is it Barry, for bursting my bubble. You know we might start with a few simple standards for this discussion, rules of engagement if you will. One being don’t ask others to fully disclose their personal information if you won’t disclose your own Barry. Another being if you can’t buy a gun without a background check you shouldn’t be able to hold a public office or make laws concerning background checks if you won’t allow one on yourself. How about the old do unto others clause, if you won’t walk the streets without armed protection then what gives you ...

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Gun Control, Reality or Myth?

     I hate to dwell on an issue, but since the fiscal cliff and economic situation in the country is such a joke it’s kind of hard to take any of it seriously, much less discuss it intelligently. Our money and our assets are already firmly in the hands of the world dictators, and no I don’t mean puppets like Obama, he is just a preschooler compared to the real power the banks yield. Our battle with them is for another day, we must first win the battle for our country’s self preservation, then we can take on the big dogs.

     When I first began discussing the Liberals desire for a civil war ...

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Have an Unhappy New Year

     This year I’m going slightly against the grain with my New Year’s post. Surprise, surprise. Last year for New Years I made some pledges for 2012 (New Year Same Problems) that while trying hard to accomplish I fell a little short on. This year I’m going to carry those forward with a new level of intensity.

     2012, while successful at a personal level for some, was one of our worse years from a national perspective. This was the year that many realized America died. Arguably it happened over the course of time but this was the year it was thrown in our face blatantly, defiantly, and without fear of reprisal. The atrocities of 2012 ...

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Pollardsmind.com's 2012 Top 10 Post

     2012 was an eye opening year in more than a few ways, some good and some not so. It gave me great pride to see the site’s readership grow so greatly. Moving from about 70,000 readers at the end of 2011 to 180,000 now was definitely an accomplishment I wasn’t expecting. I hope to see you all stick around for 2013. I think you’ll be pleased with the direction the blogs will be going, well unless you’re a Liberal.

     For several years now publishing the year’s top 10 has been a tradition for Pollardsmind.com. Being an election year it isn’t surprising that the countdown contains several election orientated post and of ...

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Reason for the Season

     Over the years I’ve found more than a few ways to say Merry Christmas. The following is a bit of each:

     There is one day that brings us together. It unites us in love, sharing, happiness, and joy. Even the worse off among us usually find a different feeling in their heart if only for that one day. It’s not New Years, or Easter, Thanksgiving, or even the Fourth of July. It’s Christmas, the day we celebrate Christ our Savior being born. While the other holidays bring family and friends together only one has that certain magic to it, ...

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Gun Control, the Solution

     In my last piece Gun Free Zones, the New Killing Fields I touched upon not just more arguments against gun control, but the solution to so many mass murders in our country. Common sense and simplicity can cure this problem just as easily as it cures others.

     Over and over throughout the years I’ve pointed out how ridiculous gun control laws are, they don’t work, have never worked, and yet we as a nation keep desperately turning to them for solutions in our hours of grief after a shooting. I have never been able to understand the idiocy of making ...

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Gun Free Zones, the New Killing Fields

     Violence has plagued humanity throughout time. Before the invention of guns the weapons of choice were rocks, clubs, arrows, swords, and spears. Millions died by these weapons. Those bent on violence will find a way and a weapon; sadly it is the way of humanity.

     After the recent shootings the usual “gun law” arguments have all flared up, the Left willing to exploit any chance to advance their cause. When logic fails them they have no other choice than to play on sympathy. Violence fine and justified when it serves their purposes but Heaven forbid a person should be able to defend themself.

     Twenty ...

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Let the Healing Begin

     So Boehner has decided to declare a search and destroy mission on Conservative Republicans, guess that’s one way to destroy the competition. I have a bit of a different take on this than a lot of folks though, I’m glad he’s doing it. By removing the Conservatives from the committees he doing far more good than all of us Conservative bloggers combined. He’s taking a few more steps to fully disclose himself to the American public.

     You’ll remember the high handed tactics the GOP evoked during the last primary and convention, our cause grew by leaps and bounds as many Conservatives realized they had been had. Millions of Americans finally saw ...

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Those Cowardly Christians

     I touched upon a topic my last blog Last Call for Peace that needs some expansion. Over the years I’ve had my share of rants. I’ve ranted on the Liberals for the insane things they have done, the Democrats for allowing them to take over their party, the Republicans, the RINOs, the Jihadist, the illegals, pretty much every one that’s harmed our country. There is one group I’ve mildly chided from time to time but pretty much spared the rants, not any more, let the hate mail begin, but careful, you had better think it through first.

     Not one to mince words let’s just get it ...

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Last Call for Peace

     A new year approaching, an election just ended, and what do we have to show for it? The edge of the fiscal cliff grows weaker, the war on Christianity grows stronger, corruption is deeper and the list of crimes against our freedom by our own government grows longer. In the old days our ancestors knew how to handle such things, these days our society has no such resolve, or passion.

     For 4 years we’ve been crying foul over the crimes against the American people by the Liberals. I and many other Conservative bloggers have outlined them time and time again. This last election the people vowed to take a stand, committed to put an end ...

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Tis the Season, Again

     Every year since 2002 I’ve published the following in whole or in part, someday it might sink in. With the economy in the mess it’s in today and the country ready to split at the seams it perhaps means more this season than ever before. Now before you even say it, this is not to be taken as agreement with the “Occupy” rabble. One thing I think almost all Americans can agree on, we are sick of corruption and greed destroying our country. The difference is in the approach as to fixing it. Anyway, here it is, my take on the holiday season, enjoy:



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